Designer Sherwani in Gurgaon

If you are looking forward to buy custom tailored Sherwani, its recommended to plan in advance. There are multiple options available for your wedding day where you should first select the fabric that you need to select as there are multiple fabric options available in the market. The fabric usually available are jacquard, silk, raw silk and dupion. It is recommended to go for a full hand embroidery Sherwani as this will standout as compared to all other Sherwani. Typically a hand embroidery Sherwani will take approximately 4-5 weeks for hand embroidery and then another week for stitching. Then come the trail where the master will do the marking for final adjustments as per customer comfort and choice and within 2 days the Sherwani will be ready for delivery.


So Grooms please plan in advance if you are going ahead for a hand embroidery Sherwani this season.

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