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Suit: We make best tailored suits in Gurgaon.

The workflow involves selecting the fabric for your tailored suit followed by the measurements and deciding your fit is slim, comfort or relax.

The stitching process will involve 

PATTERN CUTTING: The fabric is cut according to the predefined pattern, which includes pieces for the body, sleeves, collar, and any additional feature like pockets or lining

SEAM STITCHING : Pieces of fabric are stitched together at the seams using a sewing machine or by hand, depending on the complexity of the design and preferences.

FUSING & INTERFACING : Certain areas of coat may require additional support or structure, so interfacing material is used onto the fabric using fusing machine.

ASSEMBLY ; The main body of the coat is assembled by joining the front and back panels, attaching the sleeves, and adding any additional components like pockets, cuffs, or buttons.

FINISHING: Once the coat is fully assembled, any loose threads are trimmed, and the seams are pressed to give the garment a polished appearance.

QUALITY CONTROL: The finished coat undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure that it meets quality standards, with any defects or imperfections corrected before packaging and shipping.